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The art of pottery has been present in every society in the world, but in the sub-continent of Asia, it transformed into beautiful artwork and dishes during its peak. In today’s age of modern technology, the process of manufacturing of items including pottery is still in use, but has been forgotten by most even though, food being cooked in clay pots, or handi, is unique, pleasing to the taste and healthy. Thus, we introduced the idea of organic food cooked organically. Nature has provided us the tools and means to continue; we aim to provide organic cooking giving us savory taste with a wonderful aroma and nutritional value.

In recognition of all the benefits, a new concept was envisioned; introduce organically cooked food in our clay handies to the world. A dream of opening the Clay Handi restaurant was soon to be realized through using earthen pots and utensils.

Murshad masud Qazi

Founder & chairman

Masood Qazi, a mentor from the Quresh family, a well-respected Kahut family of Chakwal, with extensive global experiences in sales and marketing, working as a consultant with the governments of the European Union and England, realized the need for presenting the amazing quality of his soil through organically cooked foods. It was important for him to showcase the culture of Pakistan but do so in a manner that served the greater good for humanity; serving organic food cooked organically. In Buffalo, NY, a region well known for its tourism and proximity to Niagara Falls, Mr. Qazi opened Clay Handi in 2018. He chose this site because he wanted to deliver to people of all nations and great diversity the concept of organic cooking.

Two years later, Mr. Qazi has successfully expanded the restaurant and served countless people of diverse heritage. It was and continues to be his dream to show the importance and the strength of the soil of his heritage, the talent of artisans in the numerous villages where the manufacturing was done, and the importance of organic food prepared organically. Welcome to Clay Handi

Chef's message

We aim to home-produce as much as possible for the best quality, and to reduce food miles. Our delicious cakes, traditional Devon scones, breads, soups, sauces and accompaniments are produced in our own kitchens – and we use herbs from our gardens when in season. Even our bottled water is produced in-house, using a sophisticated seven-stage filtration.

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