Clay Handi

The art of pottery has been present in every society in the world, but in the sub-continent of Asia, it transformed into beautiful artwork and dishes during its peak.

Our Specialities

  • Shinwari Namkeen Gosht

    Popular recipe originating from Peshawar, which is a city in Pakistan. You don’t add many spices in this dish aside from salt, black pepper, and green chilies.

  • Paya

    The soup base is created by sautéed onions and garlic, where a number of curry-based spices are then added to the meat and bones. The cooked dish is served with a garnish of fresh diced ginger and fresh long coriander leaves, along with fresh sliced lemon.

  • Mutton Nihari

    Nihari is a stew consisting of slow-cooked meat, mainly shank meat of beef or mutton or chicken, along with bone marrow.

  • Mutton Haleem

    Haleem is a stew composed of meat, lentils and pounded wheat made into a thick paste.

  • Chicken Nihari

    A warming bowl of spicy Chicken Nihari can be really satisfying with hot naan and lemon wedges and ginger and herbs.

  • Chicken Haleem

    With lentils, spices and broken wheat, it is a slow-cooked delicacy usually enjoyed during Eid festivities

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