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Lunch and Dinner

When you visit us for dinner or lunch you will get a huge variety of Indian and Pakistani dishes. We care for the meat lovers,vegans, and vegetarians. We have clay Han......

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For every one of us, drinks are mandatory with every meal. We have a range of traditional and nontraditional (halal) beverages for breakfast, lunch and dinner.Shak......


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We serve a variety of traditional breakfast options with an authentic Indo-Pak blend. It will be the famous Punjabi paye or Karachi halwa puri, floured lassi or parath......


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Food we Serve

Clay Handi is Introducing a Historical and natural way to cook at Clay Handi Restaurant.Clay Pot cooking has a history In Asian cuisines like In the southern states of......


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Pottery in Indo-Pak history

Handi, a round deep vessel made of clay was a vital part of every kitchens of East Asia for centuries. It can be seen in the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro, Gandhara, and Harap......


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Soups And Salad

We serve typical Indo-Pakistani soups such as chicken Yakhni, Daal Soup.We also have Chicken Corn Soup, Hot and Sour Soup and Vegetable Soup for veggie lovers. Alo......


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North America First Restaurant

Clay Pot Cooking, a centuries-old cooking technique used in South Asia is the best method to preserve and enhance food nutrients. We, at clay Handi Restaurant, are pio......

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