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Pottery in Indo-Pak history

Handi, a round deep vessel made of clay was a vital part of every kitchens of East Asia for centuries. It can be seen in the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro, Gandhara, and Harappa and pre-Indus valley civilizations. It is one of the main items of ancient Indian pottery. Our ancestors used these pots in the kitchen for many purposes and cooking is one of main use of the clay pots. Earthenware cooking vessels were not only the main kitchen crockery items but were also used for interior design to enhance the beauty of rooms. For many people, it was a family profession, and they adopted it to better their livelihoods. Initially it pottery was designed in three types of unglazed pottery; 1st type is paper thin pots with patterns on them. There was another type of the pots that had intricate patterns and colors known as scraffito technique and the third type of unglazed pottery was polished pottery with stylized patterns. There is another style of pottery known as glazed pottery that has a mixture of red, blue and white color
patterns on them.

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