In order to protect our community, we are open to online orders for our drive thru and delivery customers.

Clay Handi Restaurant

Welcome to Clay Handi

The art of pottery has been present in every society in the world, but in the sub-continent of Asia, it transformed into beautiful artwork and dishes during its peak. In today’s age of modern technology, the process of manufacturing of items including pottery is still in use, but has been forgotten by most even though, food being cooked in clay pots... READ MORE


Commercial use of imported pottery is prohibited in USA and most countries due to the excess of lead in the imported soil and the subsequent health hazards. The site-check pottery manufacturing countries, which include Mexico, Turkey, India, China, Morocco and other European countries, include highly hazardous metals in their soil resulting in a prohibition of use in the United States. However, Pakistan is blessed with a soil that is unique and completely lead free and safe for use. After a thorough examination by the USDA and subsequently by FDA for safety of our clay products, it was determined that we can import and use our products to safely serve our communities. We were the first and only importer in the USA which was given this safety approval by the US regulatory agencies.